About Us

Bisrotur Kuaz is a non-profile organization aiming to rehoming unwanted or abandoned pets, including primarily dogs and cats. Till now, more than 5,000 pet lovers, volunteers, and pet care organizations become parts of Bisrotur Kuaz.com.

Replacing the pet should be easy, stress-free to both pets and pet owners, that is why we made the whole process straightforward and reliable. Once pet owners contact us, we would immediately build the pet profile and place it on our website, searching for the right person to bring the cute pets home.

Adopting the pets can be easy, but our requirement is quite strictly so as to bring the pet to some reliable persons.

If you meet the requirements as follow, contact us now for adopting!

  1. Having pet dogs or cats before
  2. Having spare time especially weekend time to accompany pets
  3. Be kind and love animals
  4. Stable economical source
  5. Be patient