How To Choose The Right Percussion Massager


Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been using percussion massagers for years. These best percussion massagers are known to improve recovery and athletic performance. While you might want these benefits, you have to be careful when you choose one. There are many options available, but not all of them will provide you with the benefits you need.

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Your Pain Tolerance

People assume that you need to look at the massager settings and power before anything else. While this is important, you will need to consider your pain tolerance. If you have low pain tolerance, you need to get a different massager to someone with high pain tolerance. Not matching your massager to your pain tolerance will result in you having a device that you never want to use.

People with low pain tolerance will need to get one for back that has low speeds or RPM. Circular massage heads will also be better. A pointed massage head will penetrate deeper, but this will hurt more.

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Usages of multiple percussions massagers heads

Your Lifestyle

After considering your pain tolerance, you need to look at your lifestyle. If you have a very active lifestyle and train a lot, you need a tougher massager. The massager will need to break up lactic acid and help you recover from your workouts. You also need the cordless massager with a longer stroke length and multiple heads to target small and large muscle groups.

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If you do not have an active lifestyle, you will need a softer device for muscle. Ideally, you will want one that has adjustable speeds and multiple massage heads to target different areas. You will not need high speeds, but you should consider this if you plan to change your lifestyle to a more active one.

The Massager Intensity

Once you have assessed your pain tolerance and lifestyle, you can start looking at the parts of the massagers. The first factor to consider is the toque or stall force. This is the pressure applied by relaxing legs when you use it before it stalls. If the massager has a torque of 60 pounds, this is the maximum pressure before it stalls.

The second factor to consider is the speed or RPM. This tells you the number of percussions per minute the massager provides and has to be linked to your pain tolerance and lifestyle. All body massagers will tell you the maximum and minimum RPM on offer. If a massager offers 3,000 RPM, this means the massager hits you 3,000 per minute.

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You also need to consider the stroke length which is how far the arm will reach. This is generally measured in millimeters. The higher this number the deeper the massage penetration of offer. This should also be considered in relation to your pain tolerance and lifestyle.

Using a percussion massager can ease pain and improve recovery after workouts. However, you will need to find the right one for your pain tolerance and lifestyle. The features offered by the massager should be looked at after assessing this and always match what you need and your preferences.