What To Consider Before You Buy Embroidery Machine for Work


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It is not just embroidery machines, but it can be hectic and a bit challenging to shop for the ideal work equipment be it a computer or a printer or an embroidery machine. In this article, we examine the factors of consideration that one should look out for in an embroidery machine to guide them into making a worthwhile investment into their embroidery business.


Large embroidery machines produce equally large models of the embroidery work. Often, the size of design works produced by any embroidery machine is determined by the space between the needle and the working table where the apparel under being designed should lie. The bigger this space, the larger the room for the embroidery machine work on the garment/fabric.

Additionally, the size of the embroidery machine also determines the pricing of the machine. That means machines capable of doing extensive and complex embroidery machines will probably cost more. In equal measure, the buyer must consider the amount of workload they anticipate in the embroidery business to justify the selection of embroidery machine based on size.

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The size of the embroidery machine can also be determined based on the size and number of embroidery hoops for home use. These hoops are rings that hold the fabric in place when embroidery design work goes on. You will find various machines that will have different numbers of embroidery hoops and differing sizes. You might also want to find out from your vendor the availability to purchase these hoops separately from the machine.

Can we Customize Our Design Models?

It is important to establish if the embroidery machine can accommodate new designs generated from a screen and a computer source especially if the business concept is to have a myriad of different designs in your embroidery work.

There are embroidery machines that provide a way for the transfer of the design concept from a USB or Bluetooth device. This is an important feature that will assist the business owner to expand the design creativity of embroidery work and ensure the business owner can separate the work of designing from the core embroidery business.

What Else Can the Embroidery Machine Do?

This is a feature that depends on the business concept but it would never hurt to buy an embroidery machine that can sew clothing as well provided it is within the budget plans of the business. We would recommend that a buyer shops for a machine that does both works and more.

The disadvantage with this feature, however, is that there is imminent danger that if one component fails (the sewing parts), the operation of the other will be affected in one way or another especially during repair and maintenance. There is both value and risk in having an embroidery machine that does more than embroidery works and the selection must be based solely on the needs of the business.

Availability of Repair and Maintenance Labor and Purchase Warranty

It might seem obvious but a buyer of the machine should seek the best warranty cover available. A good warranty is like an insurance cover that will help you out if the machine breaks down before expiry of a reasonable duration of time.

Also, it is important to consider the availability of repair parts and services. You do not want to buy a machine whose repair parts and the labor force is hard to procure. Remember the longer the downtime of the machine the slower the speed of the commercial embroidery. Also and if possible, seek purchase structures where maintenance services can be offered to the buyer as part of after-sales services.

Many considerations go into buying an embroidery machine but these are the most important to achieve the goals of the business. When buying the machine be sure to explain the needs of the business to the vendor so that sound advice can be offered easily.